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Cacti and Succulent Donation

On behalf of the City of Chula Vista Open Space Division, we thank Mrs. Eliza Koch Bame for donating  cacti and succulent plants to Rice Canyon.

Variegated Candelabra Tree
Candelabra Tree (Euphorbia ingens)


Torch Cactus
Trichocereus hybrid

Eliza,  your donation of these beautiful plants is greatly appreciated and important to our success with the Rice Canyon Cactus and Succulent Garden.  With your generous giving, the Demonstration Garden looks more beautiful than ever.

Barrel Cactus native to east-central Mexico
Golden Barrel Cactus in Rice Canyon Desert Garden

The City of Chula Vista’s Open Space Division could not do what it does without the support of a generous and caring community.

Thank you again for you support.

Hairy Old Man Cactus
Old Man Cactus, tall and columnar species.
red-pinkish tubular flower from old man cactus
Flowering Old Man Cactus
(Cephalocereus senilis)